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We provide comprehensive lessons and insights on the world of crystals and gemstones, guiding enthusiasts and learners on their journey of discovery and connection with the Earth’s natural treasures.

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We offer detailed insights into the properties, origins, and applications of various crystals and gemstones, empowering individuals to harness their energies for personal growth, healing, and spiritual exploration.

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About Crystal & Gemstone Teacher

Crystal & Gemstone Teacher is edited by Linda Berry.

She is an international astrologer, podcast and summit host, public speaker and presenter, and has appeared on both radio and television as an expert in her field. 

Her writings and professional insights have been featured in such popular publications as Readers DigestWoman’s DayDaily OMBest LifeBustle, The List, Elite Daily, as well as here at Crystal & Gemstone Teacher. 

Linda is also a multiple best-selling book author, with several books to her credit, including how-to and self-help books, inspirational books, children’s books, and the Angel Whisperer book series. 

As a sought-after expert in the mind/body/spirit profession for over 20 years, she’s helped individuals sort through the mystery of being a spiritual being living a human experience. 

Throughout her growth as a spiritual professional, Linda has studied various areas of Native Indian spirituality and modern spirituality, which includes metaphysics and science.

Combining these two ideologies, she has developed an exclusive style of coaching, training, and reading at her Spiritual Discovery Center.

Her shows are also available here.